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All American Locksmiths is a certified locksmith business with over 15 years of expertise in all aspects of modern lock & keying service. We offer home and business locksmith services to clients in Lake County, Orange County, Osceola County, and Seminole County.


Our team of specialist locksmiths will address any difficulty that you have. We accomplish repairs promptly, correctly, and efficiently, wherever our support is needed. We continually improve our lock and security systems which helps ensure that you have the latest equipment to be and feel safe on your property at all times. Locks have been around in some form or the other for centuries. However, the ones of the past were very different from today’s custom and smart locks.


About Locks and Locksmithing


Locks have been manufactured for over 2500 years, originally made of wood and subsequently made out of metal. Historically, locksmiths would build the whole lock, working for hours manually cutting screws and performing extensive file work. Lock designs were much more difficult in the 18th century. Locksmiths generally specialize in fixing or designing locks.


After the emergence of inexpensive mass manufacture, most locks are fixed by exchanging components, similar replacements, or updated to current mass-produced goods. But there is also an influx of modern and highly advanced locking and security systems that work in conjunction with each other to improve a property’s security significantly. Smart locks, remote-controlled locks, and similar systems have changed the role of today’s locksmith.


About Locks and Locksmithing


What Does a Modern Locksmiths Do?


Fitting keys to replace missing/lost keys to commercial buildings, residences, and automobiles and changing keys to ensure security remains essential aspects of locksmithing. However, today’s locksmiths focus mainly on installing high-quality locksets and developing, implementing, and maintaining key control and keying systems. Every skilled and experienced locksmith also provides electronic lock maintenance, such as creating smart keys for the latest transponder-equipped automobiles and installing and using access control systems to secure persons and property in several big and spread-out institutions.


Why You Need An Experienced Orlando Locksmith


In terms of security, a professional locksmith’s work typically entails assessing the danger to an individual or organization and then recommending and Installing suitable equipment and methods to implement “security layers” that exceed the potential gain to intruders or assailants. The more the number of distinct security layers employed, the greater the need for additional skills, tools, and knowledge to attack them all. However, because each layer incurs a cost to the client, applying suitable levels without exceeding realistic prices to the customer is frequently crucial and requires the expertise of a locksmith.


Although a handyman can install and change locks, locksmiths are professionals whose services may be necessary for various reasons. As stated before, their expertise in various lock systems may aid in selecting suitable locks and the implementation of best practices. Additionally, several jurisdictions mandate that locksmiths get instruction and maintain certification.


Reliable and Efficient Locksmiths


We have significant expertise in all forms of contemporary lock and key service. Our team of specialists will resolve any issue you have. We do repairs promptly, accurately, and professionally, whether on-site or elsewhere. We continually update our lock and security systems so that we always have the most modern equipment, and you can always feel protected. No matter what your locksmith requirements are, we are here to help. We are prompt, certified, skilled, and have the resources and knowledge to handle even the most complex locksmith tasks to industry standards.



For more details, please call All American Locksmith at 407-272-6040 or write to us through this Contact Us form if you have any queries or need any residential or commercial locksmithing work done.


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