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About Florida Locksmith

About Florida Locksmith: All American Locksmith delivers a comprehensive selection of products and services to meet all your lock, door, and security need. We serve both homes and business throughout the Florida Area with an expert staff and an extensive catalog of high quality products.

All American Locksmith is a master locksmith company with over 15 years of experience in all areas of modern lock and key service. Our team of experts will solve any problem that you have. We execute repairs quickly, correctly, and professionally, whether it is on-site or wherever our help is needed. We constantly upgrade our locking and security systems so that we have the most up-to-date equipment so you can feel and be safe at all times.


All American Locksmith

Our Commitment to Customer Care

We owe our success to a strong, foundational emphasis on customer service and customer care. While All American Locksmith offers a comprehensive selection of services and products to meet all your lock, door, and security needs, we feel that our greatest asset, and the true key to our success, lies in a strong foundational emphasis on serving our customers to the best of our ability.

And to prove our commitment, we offer services you won’t find at most locksmiths. We offer a true flat rate for re-entry services. Your quoted fee will never change when a technician arrives. We also guarantee all our products and services. If we make a mistake or a product develops problems not related to damage or wear-and-tear, we’ll fix the problem or replace the product free of charge. Lastly, we want to hear about every customer experience, to ensure we did the best we can. To do so, Unlock-it performs immediate, post-service follow-up calls after every job.


We Provide A Wide Range Of Locksmith Services In Florida.

Many people wonder what locksmiths actually do. Locksmiths have to change with it. The locksmith today replaces lost keys for homes and automobiles, install new locks and more. They provide higher quality lock sets and implement, design, and manage key master systems. The locksmith finds the level of risk and then creates a plan using security layers to keep the customer safe from intrusion. The locksmith today can take on several different roles and we specialize in certain areas. We can be mobile, commercial, and institutional. We also specialize in being a residential lock and master key system specialist. Locksmiths also act as security consultants and have certifications from locksmith associations or from manufacturers.

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